Sunday, 5 June 2011

hello :)

Hello blogger . Well , I'm new here . I just made a blog . I was bored , sitting on the chair so yeah decided to make a blog . I think when people visit my blog , the only thing that they will care about just my grammar . Okay , what to say ? I don't know ._. Oh yeah , i just talked with my crush . I'm at Penang now , I really miss my best friends . Of course Anis Hassan and the tall girl Yasmin Dayana . Oh yeah I'm in the same hotel with this hot girl . Dang dang she's so pretty and I was like " OH OKAY , SO FAIR  SO JELLY " . I got nothing to talk , bored of course . Talk to you later , haha Y SO WEIRD ._. Oh fyi* I'm a belieber . Forever Bieber . Bye peeps , xx

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